31st Street Pub

•Mill worker bar, 1962 to late-1960s •Trucker bar, late-1960s to late-1970s •Biker bar, late-1970s to mid-1990s •Punk rock bar, mid-1990s to present

31st Street Pub
3101 Penn Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15201
(412) 391-8334

Atmosphere: The motto, “High Octane Rock and Roll” pretty much says it all. The perfectly dingy rock club fills a long, dark and narrow barroom leading to “The Skull Room.” Yes, there’s a wall cabinet full of dozens of skull paraphernalia, from skull-shaped mugs and candles, to Mexican Day-of-the-Dead figurines, to what look like actual human skulls. So if your idea of “atmosphere” is the Osbournes family reunion, complete with all the weird uncles and cousins they couldn’t show on TV, this is your place. Party People: Bikers, spiked-and-studded punkers, long-haired metalheads, tattooed rockabilly cats with leather jackets and greased-back hair, hard-drinkin’, disheveled garage rockers and a few gnomish music geeks. It’s a surprisingly open-minded and friendly bunch.

  • 1962-2012…50 yrs! Pittsburghs longest running live music venue!
  • Cheep Drinks, Low covers chgs, original music, no cover-bands!
  • Cash only, ATM on site.
  • We are open Sundays for select live shows and private events
  • Did you know you can rent The Pub for a private party? How C☺☺L is that? You can have a band play, utilize our PA, give us a call for more details. 412-391-8334